About Us


Caimana is a jewelry and accessories brand that stems from the love and respect that its creative director, Sergio Delgado-Rincon has for for accessories design. Each of the handmade pieces manages to create a conversation between ancestral artisanship and contemporary design. 

We work with artisans from different regions of Colombia, in order to create one-of-a-kind pieces, that pay homage to their craftsmanship but that reflect our design views. We merge a modern aesthetic with ancient artisanship crafts. Our hats are handwoven and handmade by artisans, utilizing genuine materials like Toquilla Palm, Merino Wool Felts, and Rabbit Felts. 

The palm becomes the soul of each of our hats. Our artisans devote countless hours to treating the palm fibers, then to carefully weave them, to create unique hats. Our materials are all 100% vegan and eco-friendly. 

The hats are then treated with natural pigments to add a splash of color, and then worked by our head designers, adding playful design elements such as hand-painted designs or artisanal ornaments and embellishments.